Monday, July 23, 2007

Today I recieved a strange e-mail from someone, who presumeably is a well wisher, strange its well wisher has given no name or contact info. I greatly suspect this well wisher, and wonder sometimes how many such well wishers are out there.
As far is as national scene is concerned, the whole nation is at peace all the issues have been resolved and well... thats that

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have now finally after thinking decided to do CA. Oh yeah and some political leaders where killed in a bombing at a rally held in hounour of the corrupt Chief Justice. Apparently no one has claimed the bombing but now some segments of our society think that the bombing is a revenge of the raving mullahs and another segment thinks that th Chief Justice has himself arranged such a thing as a publicity stunt, whatever the reason the bombers have succeded and our social fabric is torn just another inch deeper and in the coming years it will be completely torn apart. I just hope I am not alive on that day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bluff that I was trying to play has been successful. I now am in the list of a pretigeous few who have not claimed their seats in IBA the most valued business school this side of the Suez. I am happy but I bit worried. I just hope that GOD forgives me if a have in any way hurt any inoccent soul.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I have decided to play a bluff. I am waiting for my result from IBA n even if a do get admitted I am not going there. LUMS has already put me on a waiting list n I am not going to continue my current subject of choice. So I am virtualy confused as what to do. Most of the people who can afford, go abroad or just simply buy their way into different institutions. Is this divine justice or what !!!!!!!
The military operation has ended and now it seems that instead of a school the semenary was a combat training academy. In the end though they had to face the music and well most of them died. Now only one question bothers me. Why did it take the government so long to start an operation?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yesterday I cleared an entrance exam of one of the most prestigeous business schools on this side of the planet, but apparently I am not going to go to that prestigeous school of business. All that is left for me is to clear the interview and pass a little character test and thats it, but I am not going to go there 'cause I have my mind set on another career. I now wonder and ponder, how many students like me will qualify for such good institutes and not go in there just for the fun in it. What I want to know is that, is this act of wasting limited seats in prestigeous institutes a harmless act or do students like myself shater other students' dreams and wishes.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The religious cleric who was trying to arouse the spirit of jihad in the whole nation was lately caught trying to escape wearing a veil. Sheesh, such pathatic state. The cleric was already nullified by the Imam of Kabba, the Grand Cleric of the Muslims. I sometimes wonder that is such a humiliation a punishment for God or Not
I am waiting for my examinations to end, even though most of the examinations are over yet the board from which i am giving my examinations has made it something of a habbit to prolong the examinations.
In the meanwhile I am searching for the best possible career that is available to me, I dont have many career prospects as my father cant pay for everything I want to study. I am also availing the time to earn some money by attempting to freelance to different magzines.