Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Independence

14th August,, Our Independence Day is almost upon us, the children have taken to decorating the houses and the streets with flags and buntings. There was I time when every one around would be decorating their houses and streets, but now it seems as if the spirit of Independence is fading from around us as only the young children are truly celebrating it. All I want to know is does this happen to every one when they come of age or Is the spirit of celebration truly dying from within us???


Huma Shah said...

nicely written, no its not tht the whole spirit for celebrating this day is dieing.. its just today, at this age.. we just dnt ave enugh time to think abt things happening arnd us... we are all tooo involved in t in our personal life. so, basically at this age, we turn selfish.
i ave reallly turned selfish.. dnt knw abt u.. but this is how it goes i think.. innit?

uzme said...

yea its the age thing...
the young ones still cherisk it, we on the other hand hav become too complexd to find joy in simplicity.