Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Plunge

I got the admission into the pretigeous institute. But I have decided not to go there and become a Chartered Accountant. People say it is a mad man endeavour but I believe I am mad. I have taken the Plunge and I will survive it(GOD willing). There is so much "Anti-Me" sentiments there that they must be eliminated and well rectification is required by every one now and then.
Yesterday was the anniversary of ZAB. The man was really something, he was clever, wise, fore-sighted every thing a leader ought to be... But he was hanged by our judiciary become he wanted to bring easement to the poor and desolated and he did not wish for easement to be confined to the privillaged few. ZAB was the ultimate leader we had, after the founding father of our nation... but well we kill our own heroes

"He Who says There is No Time, Does Not Deserve to be Called a Man
For Time serves Men, Men of Hounour, Courage and Valour; for
Time Enslaves Those, Who Wait for Time to Happen;
Dont be Enslaved by It, Enslave IT."

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