Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Passage and The truth

Hmmm.... lets see when I left off I was... thinking of going to become a Chartered Accountant.
Well I got admitted and almost a year and half has passed.
There are six stages in all, taking a total of five and a half years.
I passed the first stage and was in the clouds thinking I can do ANYTHING... then came the result for stage 2 and I flunked...
This was "the moment of truth" and the reality. Now I am going to attempt stage 2 and stage 3 together... may GOD help me... cause that is the only way.

Oh... and yeah.... in the midst of all this our country got rid of its dictator and found true democracy. Ironic is it not... same people, same methods, even the same means... yet this time we have true democracy.

Hmmm.... I wonder. and the president of our Islamic is Asif Ali Zardari... wiki or google the name you will get the hint. ;)

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