Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Second Coming

The Second Coming is here... My B.Com exams have arrived.
They start on about... no not about... They start on 28th of November. These papers are bound to destroy my eid festivities. Man to be honest... I was never in the favor of this damn degree; but, my family insists. Sheesh.

Well one or the other I'll have to brave through them

Oh Yeah and I almost forgot... today our president of the islamic republic announced that our country is under... or was it being threatened by... yeah now this is really really cool(coming from someone with a history if such acts)... ECONOMIC TERRORISM... any idea who this might be referring to... here a hint [we rely on IMF, IBRD and US grants]


1 comment:

uzme said...

haha...start studyin buddy u dont wana end up like me...just hrs before the exam wondering what were u doin.
And well...dont worry noone will be givin shit to such an *honest* devoted patriot (zardari)...we're all doomed together!