Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The One Missed

Its New Year's Eve and I'm here writing this blog. The One that I missed... How I regret it. Had I just been a little earlier I would have had it...It would have been there for me to cherish...

And We are also going to be the first Nation in the history to forget their founding fathers and pay tribute to the scum that ruled them... by minting a coin of deca value. A conversion of a note to a coin translates into the demeaning of a currency for those who know economics... we have not only devalued our currency, in compliance with the wishes if our masters, but we have also minted the face of scoundrel instead of the face of one of our founding fathers.

It truly is time, It truly is time
It is time,oh nation, for you
to parish,to vanish, to cease
to exist, for you have forgotten
those who gave, remembered
you have the scum who took
and took and took,It is time
for you to parish
Oh nation, and the scum who took

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