Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing to talk about

The world itself is becoming stale, there is nothing left to write about. The world is rotting. The words of lore are now lost, the wisdom is no more, those who still have it do not wish to share it but rather wish to use it to destroy.

Friday, January 2, 2009


All of you must have heard of the undead, the unknown etc etc... I intend to increase your vocabulary and introduce to you a new term "UnConverted".
No use googling it...the word does not have a denotative meaning to it. But it does have a connotative meaning to it. The word unconverted does not signify something or being whose value has remained unchanged, rather it denotes something that resisted change and is now neither what it should nor what is used to be. In simple words it is unconverted,neither changed nor unchanged.
I know I am an unconverted one...made a monotheist but unable to forget my polytheist past. i know this nation is unconverted...made one but unable to forget its differences.
I think that we,the unconverted are worse-off than any other beings. Even the undead know their ranks and strata;not living yet living, only the form has changed the purpose remaining the same. We on the other hand do not even know our origins. We are living yet dead, Yet we are living... our purpose has changed, yet did we not do this same thing before...

They changed our souls,
and took away our form
then they gave our form,
Yet,kept our souls,
They took the purpose
They gave a purpose,the same,
and gave the souls
We Drank the souls
They changed the souls
They changed the souls,
They gave the form
And They gave the purpose,
Thus they made us,
With our purpose and
Our form, But Wait
They took the souls
They changed the souls
And Thus they made the