Friday, March 13, 2009

SATANIC VERSES and tales of beedle the bard

I recently finished reading the famed SATANIC VERSES by salman rushdie and tales of beedle the bard by JK Rowling. I just don't understand what was all the fuss about.

First of all satanic verses isn't that great a book, why the hell did they give a literary noble to rushdie for that book. Its not that great a read... I mean it feels like some &&*@# just wrote a blog. only the chapters in which the dreams are described are readable, the rest is just like shit. Niether did I find any thing in that book that tries to defame Islam, yes he does try to defame the great continent of India and its people(Pakistanis and Bengalis included) and hes quite successful in that, other than that there is nothing in that book that can be termed as heresy towards Islam.I think our leaders are EDEEOUTS(they donot deserve to be called idios), they made a fool famous just because of their rantings.

Secondly, the tales of beedle the bard wasn't that fun either. It just a short book that Rowling wrote to pass her time.

I am disappointed. from beedle the bard because it did not like upto the reputation of rowling and from our edeeouts of leaders who made a worthless man like rushdie famous because of their rantings and chantings.

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