Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Furqan

Recently I was very very bored, and being... umm... unorthodox I visited some websites being promulgated as anti-Islamic semantic propaganda.

I visited , such sites can only mislead some bigoted ass or someone who only recently has accepted the fold of Islam. Reading through them its obvious that this can't be commandants by a God who has more qualities then can be encompassed in between the heavens and earth, these seem something from a vengeful God. Apart from that, some who understands the Quranic text will immediately not the unevenness and strange organization of the text.

If we, as Muslims fear such things we truly deserve to be damned. Our fear of such things shows how much we believe in Allah, how much we trust him.

The New Round

A new round is beginning... A new era is about to dawn.. The era of Extremism and Fundamentalism, where only instincts reign, all else is turned to dust and ash from whence it came.

But hey seriously, the only era that can dawn in this country is the era of terrorism... No seriously, the bloody government can't do anything.

There's a rumor doing rounds that the terrorists have issued ultimatums to all the co-ed educational institutions. What can any one do? Plus our government is more useless and corrupt than ever, what a change!!!

Yeah and I just remembered, there's this 'khush-fehme' growing amongst the nation that they brought the change, and that they are capable of bringing about any change... sorry little idiots they don't even understand that these are all planned illusions, to disillusionise the damn fools. This country is owned by the dogs now.