Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just heard the most cutest and most innocentest prayer form an adult, and it goes like this.

"Dear God: This year you took -My fav singer Michael Jackson- Fav Actor Patrick Swayze. You know everything, still I just thought to tell you that "Zardari" is my fav politician"

Don't you just wanna smile after hearing this.

Of Slump

I just can't get myself to write... like a total blank, nothing ka-put. I just feel like this damned country... there's nothing there...

PS: oooo and i forgot, heard a rumor of the streets, the cabinet and the assembly are NOT gonna go... sorry to disappoint

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Result !!!

I failed.... AGAIN.... this makes a total of three times. I now have a reputation... Never before have I, in my whole life, attained such high levels of social recognition... great thou, No!?!... I figured out the reason for my failing this time, its simply that, "ICAP Z BELOW ME". I need to find a profession of my calibr...

On an unrelated note; For some odd reason the song ATWA(Its engish) is stuck in my head... and also the subject of devil worship... there may be a relation... hmmm... WTF I failed... I think I'll call up some friends and have fun... some weed and some sweets...

Hey wait I forgot, NO SUGAR AVAILABLE IN THE DAMNED CITY... i guess i'll have to do with just WEED... that's PAKISTAN 4 u