Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The university has once again decided to delay the papers... God bless who ever made that decision... Now I have time to finish my preparation and watch the long due season 7 of House M.D. But... No... Maybe... No that would take too long... I'll finish watching house first and then get back to my studies... Yeah that is a fine plan.

Yesterday I read a very funny note on my friend's facebook page... And unlike most funny things that start subtle and then move on, this note opened with a big BANG. I am quoting the opening, its goes
"When Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh, he was 18. I am 20; I own a farm and 20 sheep, in Farmville."

On a more general note... the ISI office was hit yesterday and today a couple of more people died(Don't they have any thing better to do than this). What I don't understand is that how the office of the world's 2nd most notorious(1st being mosad) intelligence agency could be targeted... Its not a PM or the President house... Dammit its the regional office of an intelligence agency. This place is going to the dogs.

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