Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nostalgically Depressed

I am feeling nostalgically depressed right now, its like what is the point of all this... Whats the freaking point of my meaningless life... But you know what the strange part is... I am not feeling nostalgic at all... its this f3ling... it feels like its from before... long before... It feels raw... This whole helplessness that I am feeling... As if there is no point in all of this... This whole thing started when I started looking back on my past streak of undaunted failures... When I asked a friend his opinion he said, "People say to work hard to earn, its not necessary to earn here, if you don't get here you'll get there. The only point is to work and don' t be negative".

But that was last night... Then after a while it was gone... I was my self again. I mean to hell with depression... lets enjoy what little we can... its not like we are immortal or something and will live forever... We just don't have enough time to do all there is to do. But then again... madness isn't the right way either...

Its like when you are depressed, you are sad and so are the people who love you.
But when you are mad, you are happy but the people who love you are worried and sad... Ironic


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