Monday, December 14, 2009


The winter rains are finally here... But it dose not feel the same... the sounds and smells, there just not the same anymore. I remember going out to play in the rain with my friends... running around, falling, sliding.  I remember little children doing the same after us. Its just not there anymore...I can't even smell the damn land... "Matti ki Khushboo" as it is termed... So what if the people have changed, its not the great an issue, I mean the land... how can that change... sure now there are roads where before there were wasted plots of lands and there the flyovers and underpasses and link roads and exchanges and what not... But the hell has this got to do with the khushboo of the land... How can that change...???
This time round the rain just isn't the same as it used to be... Its changed just like us...

On a lighter note..THE BIGGEST EVER BANK HEIST IN THE COUNTRY, private security guards robbed a bank of foreign currency worth Rs311.2 million on Sunday morning... wow... as it turns out we are a nation of thieves... and all thanks to the influence of the king...

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