Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shackles and Chains

All the things that bind men, are devices of their own vices. All that obstacles in one's path come from within, not from without. The path strew for us by fate is not the only path, If we choose, we can go astray and make our own path... As the ancients say, "You must lose yourself, to find yourself." In order to know yourself you must pretend to be someone else, and once you know yourself, your desires and vices vanish giving way to you... The shackles and chains that once were hindrances will now become stepping stones...

Enough of that, that's the effect of being in the wrong sorta people for toooooo long... and listening to strange songs... but personally I think its the people and not the songs who must be blamed.
Well I finally did it, I QUIT.

I took their smiles and demeaned them, I had sold my soul just to hate the light, and now I see what I really am, a thief a whore and no...lier

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