Friday, February 19, 2010

The Kingdom of Heaven and Law and ....

I was just preparing for my dreaded exams... hopefully this time around I will be able to best the damned thing, so anyways there I was, trying to cram in the sections in the bare acts and listening to songs, when all of a sudden, out of no where, the sound tracks for the kingdom of start playing... the sound is nice and soothing (the movie is cool too) and suddenly my mind comes into focus... I am suddenly remembering what I reading, I actually start doing what I was trying to do. Then a thought comes to my mind... there must be some connection, between the sound tracks and the sections in the bare acts. There must have been some sort of issue about law back at that time that started the wars and crusades and what-not... what heck... its history now.

The last track Light of the Life is soooo awesome... it feels like some sufi track...

I got my admit card today... these things can not... and I repeat CAN NOT let a person live in peace... I have different centers for both my papers... DAMN DAMN DAMN

And Also I had another epiphany... this one said...change ur schedule dumbass, u dnt need that much sleep.
On the brighter side, almost finished with my preparation of law... 4 more acts to go, then I start economics... sounds cool na !!!???!!! ahhh my life is full of excitement... blah... bh******* ********* ****** ****** ***** ******** ******

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Whats up with being sarcastic...??? Is it fashionable or anything now? I mean whatever and where ever you read anything, its got to have that satirical, that sarcasm in it.. WHY WHY WHY!!!!????!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tere Bin Laden

Just saw this trailer... its funny... though I don't know what exactly makes it funny... bt its funny

Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Died

Last night I was doing my tuition when my friend called me.

fwad: obaid, affan ka fone aya tha, mubashir hussan ki death hogae
me: yaar bana raha hai tmhain, kuch din pehlay tu mila hoon us say
fwad: yaar serious tha aur daniyal ka bhe fone aya tha
me: acha... wait kar... confirm kar kay batata hoon

I hang up, and I see the 2 missed calls from daniyal

me: haan bolo
daniyal: obaid mubashir ki death hogae hai...
me: yaar achay bhalay admi ko mar rahay ho, acha kab hoi
daniyal: parsoon, aaj soem tha.
me: (I am still thinking this is a prank) acha... sab ko batao... aur kb jana hai us kay ghr
daniyal: decide karkay batata hoon. sb saath chaltay hain
me: batadayna

Then I call the Mubashir, his younger brother picks up

me: mubashir, kaisa hai?
him: bhai ka tu inteqaal hogaya

The guy was perfectly okay just a couple of days ago... he met some other friends just 5 days back... he wasn't sick or anything... he was healthy... this is all so sudden...


Failed Writer

Last night I bore abuses from my younger brother as I raced against time to finish the report. Hes playing Dragon Age and wants to finish an ending(the game claims to have 8 endings) before his vacations end... I had to mail this report to a friend before 12... after all the blood and soul I put into the researching and analyzing and indexing and then writing the damned report... My friend gets a message concerning what I wrote, "Do you even know how to write? This isn't what I asked for." I mean WTF, the **** could have been more specific, it(it refers to the **** who had asked for the report initially) was totally vague and I did what I understood. The institute with which I am affiliated, did the same thing with my thoroughly researched essay...SCRAPED IT... I mean *grinds teeth* ******. it was a researched and I mean R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H-E-D not some emotional babble... I got this thing here for that...
Sometimes I think I am a failed writer.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Talks for failures

Today I went to a seminar conducted by ICAP on how to attempt the introduction to economics and finance paper... it was use less... the facilitator discussed the past paper and the students asked useless questions, totally useless questions. the refreshments were good though... nice hot samosas and hot tea.. after that I went to IBP... and another option opened up to me...

My friends were just discussing revolution and stuff and I also read a blog on it... to all of you... IT AIN'T NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Its just idle talk people c'mon... be practical... talks do not bring revolutions...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its been a while since I saw zaido to TV. What happened to the dude? I mean he was like every where a couple of weeks back and now hes vanished all of a sudden... If anyone knows what happened to him please tell me... I wanted to attend his seminar, but I missed it by a couple of days... The guy was doing a job... he couldn't have quit in between, could he? seriously I was thinking of joining the dude's cause.

And the sir from the program called... said I had to attend the class today... I said I would join from 17th... seriously I don't wanna...

and my PC f***d up my Manson collection : (
My papers start in March, I have not learned a damned thing... Its just 2 papers... but still... I have got to pass this time or else my mother will kill me and my dad will stop my funding for extra-curricular activities... You can gauge my desperation to pass from the fact that I am going to attend the seminars being held on 11 and 22 on how to attempt those papers : ' (

And I am thinking of learning German, think I'll visit the Goethe Institute for more information on this...