Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Its been a while since I saw zaido to TV. What happened to the dude? I mean he was like every where a couple of weeks back and now hes vanished all of a sudden... If anyone knows what happened to him please tell me... I wanted to attend his seminar, but I missed it by a couple of days... The guy was doing a job... he couldn't have quit in between, could he? seriously I was thinking of joining the dude's cause.

And the sir from the program called... said I had to attend the class today... I said I would join from 17th... seriously I don't wanna...

and my PC f***d up my Manson collection : (
My papers start in March, I have not learned a damned thing... Its just 2 papers... but still... I have got to pass this time or else my mother will kill me and my dad will stop my funding for extra-curricular activities... You can gauge my desperation to pass from the fact that I am going to attend the seminars being held on 11 and 22 on how to attempt those papers : ' (

And I am thinking of learning German, think I'll visit the Goethe Institute for more information on this...

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