Sunday, May 30, 2010


Ever had one of those, like when your in the middle on somewhere and you desperately need to find someone and cant find, then you decide to call them... and then the voice on the other side says,"Is call k liya aap ka balance nakafi hai," *beeeeep "you have insufficient credit for this call" and your all frustrated... that is A Badass Credit Dilemma, aka ABCD. I though I could wait till the months end, but I can't, go....ttt...a... ggg....get

but on a totally different note Over Lord is a nice game, I just a new game card to play, the one on this pc is stuck of the pixel shader 2, while all the cool games need pixel shader 3.0 *sheeesh*sigh

And I am thinking ov getting involved in more out door activities... I'v been home almost 2.5 years now...

I know of the blasts and the deaths but m not gonna mention them... its all too depressing...

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