Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 togo, @ 4

Freelancing, sounds cool, the pay is even cooler... but unfortunately... greed and laziness are on the verge of again taking over.

Now I feel like starting my own shit, or cooling down with this one.... I gotta study too... its not like this is a career move, or is it... if only my uber suddenly religious friends turns his head around to the old ways again, then may be i'll start my own thing, other wise, m happi with the current thing, just feeling lazy cause I didn't work for 10 days, and then a paper that was today got delayed, so now its on ... its on... its on... 16... yea

Bleach had this awesome episode, and the magna is lying it down pretty heavy too... its AAAWEEEeeeeSSSOMe...

Some guys got killed i think 2day, don't know for sure, I hav't watched the news... The only reason I am writing this post is the fact that I got tired of working, 20 pages by tomorrow and I have done only 4... Inqilaab murdabad... I like this slogan for some reason

Go go go go go, they on the trail, go go go go go keep runnin hommie... I lyk this 1 too...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Got 97% on the mock... God I wish this happens again in the actual exam... but I wont get to give the same paper with the same questions 7 times... but still 1st attempt 85%+... that would be aweeeesom... don't now whats going on out, Did watch the TV for 5 days, did go any news site, just did the mock and read some of these... thats it.. plz plz plz allahmiyan 90% marks plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010


50%... that is the score that I achieved when I gave the mock exam... I tend to increase that now...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Area Code: 666

I studied like hell and made good time, I'm almost done with the course, now I just gotta practice for the paper, that shouldn't be too hard considering the fact that I have mastered the art of failing in those lame fucked up things.

It feels like its gona rain today, but apparently it isn't thats a bummer, now if I stop watching television and completely stop using the PC, i'll be able to complete the maximum allotted subjects thereby allowing me to give the full four exams per ...errr... lets call it a turn...

The city is fast transforming into a hell hole, may be then our movies and dramas will be worth watching... Seriously consider the fact, most of the good films start in places like the hell hole 'NY', or the city of fallen angles 'LA' or some  other place with a cool devilish twist, think for a moment, the paki film starts in the city of fucking darkness, where after sunset - or for that matter even during the daytime - you are never safe, anything can happen from any fucking where, and in the end the hero defeats the evil corporation responsible for the darkness and turns back on the lights only to find the inhabitants of the city have transformed into zombies infected with the K virus... this film could make a franchise bigger than start wars, and if the writers include the past of this place aswell, then we may have a decade worth of movies...

But then again gota get ready for the prayers, it getting late, and then, I mean whats with linear programming, does it have to be everywhere, I had to study so hard for that in module A in Ca, and its here to haunt be again :'(... but no problem ... I'll make a clever guessing technique 3:) that will make it work.. yea... and umm... lets see... this this this that... and I think am done for this post

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Madman and the Most Pathatic country

So, I read about budgeting and stuff, and I thought of practically applying it... so here I budget I prepared, its an initial budget of stuff, so expect it to be modified

 Description of work        Budget
       -do-                  -do-
       -do-                  -do-

Note: You don't need money to burn this place, its already gone to the dogs...

I mean seriously you don't need money to send this country to hell, I almost already there...
An independent study has ranked Pakistan has the 10th most failed state, this biased they say, and I agree, it is biasness.... this is bigotry, this is blasphemy... our great nation can never fail.... cause it failed a year after it was made in 1948 when we accepted American aid - it could have easily been labelled Bheeq.... We, us, our great nation can never fail... 

FYI: I don't care either way, the elites will eat it all away any way... so watdaell... 

I can't really focus, thats the issue, I sit down to study and I remember some work, I sit down to work and I remember something to study... there must be a cure for this...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Rhyme I Heard

Your sad, pathetic and blue,
If I gave a rat's ass, I'd care about U!!!

Thats worthy of a smile nw, aint it???

Friday, June 18, 2010

Inqilaab Murdabad

I found this song... and I loved it, its like....

Something is Worng

At first I though it was in my freaking mind, but this blogger is actually
gone fucking crazy, Its opening every account but mine.

I mean it would have been ok if it did that on different id's but every time
I enter my own id I get into a different account and there was this one
account, it was following lesbian porn blogs, unfortunately the only
accessible button was signout... dam blogspot... and this happened with
facebook too....

The thing that worries me is if I can see inside other people's accounts,
then ..... they can see inside mine too !!!!!

Awww. what the hell, the harbingers of freedom of speech have again quelled
another voice, this time of doctor zakir naik, he cant visit UK no more... I
support Turkey now, atleast they are what they say they are, unlike certain
someone who claim to be something else bt are another faggot nation (hint:
the name starts with 'p' ends with 'tan') u da man or girl if you guess it

And m mind going crazy, I took the date for 30th for my paper but I havnt
learned a word yet... have to learn have to learn have to leanr... I'll do
it later and the people have rocked BP on the Gulf Oil Spill.. poor
country...err I mean company, wish we could do the same to the fucking KESC
and other utility companies... damn all we do is burn fucking flags... the
sky is grey, I liked it red...

Put a smile on that face of yours!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have a head splitting tooth ache, Now i don't know if its from depression or its a freaking dental issue, cant go to the dentist either cause of the fucking sectarian riots... dumb fucks, I only have a tooth ache and I am cursing them, people are in actual medical emergencies and the cause of these SOB bastards the people have to suffer... fucks

The FB Shit

I really don't feel like updating my profile pic on facebook, it seems too much of an effort, half the people i meet on an almost regular basis, the other half regret knowing me or I regret knowing them so... whats the use... M gonna get registered for ACCA... its better than sitting and doing nothing...

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Secterian Strife

Someone killed someone, and then someone from that someone's side took revenge by killing someone from that someone's side, and then against someone from someone's side decided to kill someone from someone's side, and in the midst if some wise ass yells religion, viola... we have a sectarian or religious strife, if wise jack ass yells race, viola... we have ethnic strife...

Heard from a friend that there is some kind of a sectarian strife under way... havn't heard or seen much here, must be an isolated incident...

On an unrelated note, I am not that depressed anymore, I simply forgot why was I depressed and without a reason it became too much of an effort, so...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BareFoot Pool

It was really hot so I decided to take of my shoes and play pool bare foot, it was, my game improved drastically. I think scientists should conduct a study into this, whether playing games barefoot improves performance or not. I think they will find that it does improve performance, and by quite a bit, but only in indoor games, out games are better off with shoes, I tried playing soccer once, barefoot, chipped my toe nail and man did it hurt...

Ever played games in the mosque when you were little kids, my friends and me, we did... it was always ended in a few of us getting caught and then they had to fix the darris of that floor ...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was here, then it wasn't, then again it was here, and then again it wasn't...

And then it finally, and then it fucked up and didnt come... what the fuck is wrong with this world

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FFB and 2 1/2 Men

Whats up with the people, I mean literally what the hell is up their bum asses!!!???!!!... On one hand their all religious then all of a sudden the court lifts the ban on the Fucking Facebook, and BOOOOM their back...

Welcome back messages, hiz and God knows what else, it like someone tell lose a pack of rabid hungry pigs on trash... and to top it off, people are criticizing people who use facebook via facebook, what about IRONY!!!...

We are a bunch of hypocrites, and do you know where hypocrites will end up after resurrection, take your pick cause they are all gona end up with the so-called sacrilegious rockers and porn stars and politicians, an eternity with the people you always liked to watch... yayyyyy!!!!

 No seriously we are a fucking fucked up nation - me included. Religion only comes to us once we figure out we can't do anything and we are in a dire need for a divine intervention... and for all the patriotic rant about being a united nation, what did you urban bourgeois bastards do to help the people of Hunza... NOTHING... no Fucking THING!!!!!!!

rage and anger aside, Pain is a good songs, especially the lyrics... and I started watching 2 and a half men, since i got nothing better to do, i ain't got no job and i ain't studying... and no fun as well since all my friends either have a job or have to study...

Life becomes boring once you get used to it....