Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 togo, @ 4

Freelancing, sounds cool, the pay is even cooler... but unfortunately... greed and laziness are on the verge of again taking over.

Now I feel like starting my own shit, or cooling down with this one.... I gotta study too... its not like this is a career move, or is it... if only my uber suddenly religious friends turns his head around to the old ways again, then may be i'll start my own thing, other wise, m happi with the current thing, just feeling lazy cause I didn't work for 10 days, and then a paper that was today got delayed, so now its on ... its on... its on... 16... yea

Bleach had this awesome episode, and the magna is lying it down pretty heavy too... its AAAWEEEeeeeSSSOMe...

Some guys got killed i think 2day, don't know for sure, I hav't watched the news... The only reason I am writing this post is the fact that I got tired of working, 20 pages by tomorrow and I have done only 4... Inqilaab murdabad... I like this slogan for some reason

Go go go go go, they on the trail, go go go go go keep runnin hommie... I lyk this 1 too...

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