Friday, June 25, 2010

Area Code: 666

I studied like hell and made good time, I'm almost done with the course, now I just gotta practice for the paper, that shouldn't be too hard considering the fact that I have mastered the art of failing in those lame fucked up things.

It feels like its gona rain today, but apparently it isn't thats a bummer, now if I stop watching television and completely stop using the PC, i'll be able to complete the maximum allotted subjects thereby allowing me to give the full four exams per ...errr... lets call it a turn...

The city is fast transforming into a hell hole, may be then our movies and dramas will be worth watching... Seriously consider the fact, most of the good films start in places like the hell hole 'NY', or the city of fallen angles 'LA' or some  other place with a cool devilish twist, think for a moment, the paki film starts in the city of fucking darkness, where after sunset - or for that matter even during the daytime - you are never safe, anything can happen from any fucking where, and in the end the hero defeats the evil corporation responsible for the darkness and turns back on the lights only to find the inhabitants of the city have transformed into zombies infected with the K virus... this film could make a franchise bigger than start wars, and if the writers include the past of this place aswell, then we may have a decade worth of movies...

But then again gota get ready for the prayers, it getting late, and then, I mean whats with linear programming, does it have to be everywhere, I had to study so hard for that in module A in Ca, and its here to haunt be again :'(... but no problem ... I'll make a clever guessing technique 3:) that will make it work.. yea... and umm... lets see... this this this that... and I think am done for this post

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