Friday, June 18, 2010

Something is Worng

At first I though it was in my freaking mind, but this blogger is actually
gone fucking crazy, Its opening every account but mine.

I mean it would have been ok if it did that on different id's but every time
I enter my own id I get into a different account and there was this one
account, it was following lesbian porn blogs, unfortunately the only
accessible button was signout... dam blogspot... and this happened with
facebook too....

The thing that worries me is if I can see inside other people's accounts,
then ..... they can see inside mine too !!!!!

Awww. what the hell, the harbingers of freedom of speech have again quelled
another voice, this time of doctor zakir naik, he cant visit UK no more... I
support Turkey now, atleast they are what they say they are, unlike certain
someone who claim to be something else bt are another faggot nation (hint:
the name starts with 'p' ends with 'tan') u da man or girl if you guess it

And m mind going crazy, I took the date for 30th for my paper but I havnt
learned a word yet... have to learn have to learn have to leanr... I'll do
it later and the people have rocked BP on the Gulf Oil Spill.. poor
country...err I mean company, wish we could do the same to the fucking KESC
and other utility companies... damn all we do is burn fucking flags... the
sky is grey, I liked it red...

Put a smile on that face of yours!!!!

1 comment:

Sidra Ch. said...

1. I so agree with these stupid sign in issues that blogger's coming up with! It's so freaking annoying!

2. Heard and already clicked my tongue several times on the Dr. Zakir Naik's visa refusal. sighs.