Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tag - Ur It

But what the hell is 'it'... thats what I have never been able to understand... But its not about that, that I'll do some other time... Right now, I read this off Diva Divine.

1. Your Name: Obaid
Unordinary, very unique being with human like features. Very sexy and has a mysterious appeal. Extremely rare individual, one of a kind.

2. Your Age: 21

The age at which one is finally considered human.

3. One of your friends: Aisha

A woman with beautiful brown eyes. one that exhibits altruist behavior, loving ,kind, free spirit.

4. What should you be doing? Freelancing

job that at times may drive you crazy and at others be quite satisfying. Pay varies greatly depending on the amount of BS you are willing to put up with.

5. favorite color: Black

A color widely defined as the absence of light

6. Birthplace: Karachi

Karachi is housed to hard working people from all over Pakistan which pay ultra regressive taxes to Islamabad(Pakistan capital) to develop Islamabad infrastructure while Karachi rots.

Law and Order is only possible for those who can afford it i.e. people with political and financial connections.

Drinking water is also questionable but not as poisonous as Hyderabad's(Karachi neighboring city) water supply.

Sewage systems can rival Baghdad's system after the fall of Saddam. Karachi's sewage is dump in the sea killing the mangrooves if any of them are left from land hungry mafia.

Power Supply is expensive all thanks to World Bank and their local cronies. Load shedding in summers is as infrequent as Hurricanes without wind. Power theft is also common.

From public to private sector corruption is rampant. If a suppose a bridge is constructed 10% will be spent on actual bridge and rest 90% goes to pockets of cronies (Figures by Dr. Mehboob, Economist) Pakistan Planning Commision puts the figure 40% lost to corruption.

Labor, workers, employees are under paid all over the city with few notable exceptions. School teachers are worst paid too. Most of it can be attributed to greedy nature of some Karachites.

Traffic is worse than Italy. For traffic rules violation people can bribe Karachi's finest on the road without any shame. Karachi also home to Worse drivers. Road sense is as abundant as water on moon. Drivers are not the only ones, pedestrians can be seen crossing the road where ever they feel like.

Karachites rich and poor, can be seen throwing garbage, bottles, wrappers without any shame. Dust bins are non-existent. Spitting is common thing.

Karachites don't make queues. Strongest person usually wins.

Eating is the favorite pastime since there are not so many outing places for people to visit beside Sea, which itself sees coal and oil spills there.

More of a Dark ages system. Here violence is frequent and incompetent politicans found in abundance. All parties claiming this city belongs to them.

Poor refugees are exploited routinely and are exported to Gulf estates. Local girls can be found easily if one knows where to look for.

Education department is also corrupt to the extent some students can give their exams at home. College teacher comes to student home asking for money in exchange of telling the questionnaire.

Honesty is not the strongest point of Karachites. From insider trading to petty cheats all is consider ok even by most educated people.

Coming late on weddings and meetings is common. Most common excuse is traffic or there was no light at home.

Now some good points.
- Most Karachites are hard working.
- Most are educated and civilized than rest of the country.
- Most Karachites immigrate to first world nation to live in like minded society.

7. Month of your birth: April

The most amazing month ever in which only the coolest people in the world are born in.

This was fun, though, try it some time... unexpected answers appear

PS: I also found my DOB but... its a sad memory at UD

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slacker Nation

I got a class in like 40 minutes, I am all ready to go but I don't feel like going cause its raining. None of my friends are going to their classes, hell not even the ones with jobs went... Everyone is slacking off... just cause of the rain...

I'd like to ask our neighbors, do you guys slack off went it rains? by neighbors I mean Indians, not afghanis cause... well its a desert, and I'm assuming people from Iran don't, even accidentally visit by blog... The Bengalis dont slack in rain, I got quite a few friends who are Bengalis and they dont slack.  in rain...

So, I repeat my question, for clarity out of the clutter... Does any other nation slack off like us?

Tonite - remember the Great Lord

Cause of tonight, I received messages from many many friends. All the messages had the same theme, pray for us tonight, please forgive us tonight. I stirred a though, what were they doing all year, and why of all nights tonight? ask for prayer everyday and every single minute, why just this night??? Then I was remained that tonight is shab-e-barat... I forget its meaning again again...

Tonight is supposed to be especially for worship and prayers, yet many kids are out there expressing their devotion by disturbing people who actually pray... the problem lies in the manner that these kids use to disturb the people, they use fire crackers... why'o why... and then their parents are often seen scolding other children for not praying and burning crackers... why'o why....

I was listening to this qawali, I suddenly wondered... all the people sending out messages, why do they worship Lord God? ask them, and most will instantly reply, He deserves our worship, but do they actually mean it, they don't pray... praying is something far fetched, they dont know the number of rakats in each prayer... I just an argument with one, he was adamant that there are 10 rakats in friday prayers.. and I was like : / .... and then that dude tells me to act like a muslim.. I was like WTF... just cause of a french and this guy doesnt know the number of rakats in a friday prayer... its a freaky world...

Well, as I was saying, ask them and they cite a reason, but do they actually believe in it??? I know I do, i just forgot why I did, then the poetry reminded me... I worshiped the Lord God for all the confusion that surrounds HIM, this may be the most awkwardest reasons, but this is the fact, looking at the maddness in the universe, i don't dare step there, thats why m am stuck at the quarter, cause of HIM... seriously, the confusion thats the real attraction, there but not there, all loving yet warthfull...

Just remembered I read something on a Deism website, i pointed out the flaws of God.. The dude who wrote was an idiot, the fool took the beauty for disturbance... as the poet says, what is this eternal game Lord, what is it that you have done; you created an age of wonders, yet you are ready to destroy them; hell heaven, what is all this my Lord; you made us to know, yet we are the ones who haven't seen you Lord... You are an enigma...

I like Lord God cause of that... M His lesser servant

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tm aik gorakh dhanda ho

Just came across this qawali,  the poetry is mind blowing, awe-inspiring... ...... cant describe it in words

One Manga

Thats the only manga site that I was able to find and its going offline...

It rained today, so I am not feeling miserable enough to write anything worth writing... substance exists so that it may be abused and yield it essence to the abuser.. or something like that was going through my mind, then I started shifting through old arabic songs on youtube, found a nice one didi... but then again... i remember the other lines too...

substance exists so that it may be abused and yield its essence to the abuser, lighting is cold fire colder than most atleast I think... the earth smells nice after the rain... here its like a stream flowing

Nada, I do not feel like writing substance... its gotten colder here... bring your friends, so... do not even feel like listening to the lyrics... ignorance is a bliss and I want it back... no more trading on bliss...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Unhinginess

Feeling like a great burden has been lifted and my soul has been redeemed, finally... I was able to draw the match with my friend. He always won with a lead of at least 40 to 30 points but not today. And I also started work again... it feels good

Whats new, ummm... killings, killings, murder,... n war.... , rebels... etc etc... nothing on the news even, but the wind is blowing beautifully well.. its stuck in my head that song... so nice a song... but its stuck, that is never good now is it?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ever heard a nice song, this is what it translates into

As though I did not exist, she passes by me;
Without a look, queen of ' Saba '
I said Aicha, take everything for you
Here is pearls jewellery, also gold around your neck,
fruits, property, seas of honey, my life,
Aicha if you love me I shall go be your breath,
our name shall be one, in the countries of ivory and rivers
I shall erase your tears and your troubles,
nothing is too nice for Aicha

Aicha look at me, Aicha, Aicha I won't leave you Aicha
Aicha look at me, Aicha, Aicha talk to me,
I shall say words, poems
I shall play musics of the sky
I shall take rays of the sun, to light your eyes
O' queen Aicha,
Aicha look at me, Aicha,
Aicha I won't leave you Aicha

She said to me: 'Keep your treasures,
me, I am better than everything?
am I such a thing no longer human,
golden names, I want the right names
that Of every day respect, me,
I want only love '

As though I did not exist, she passes by me;
Without a look, queen of ' Saba '
I said Aicha, take everything for you
Aicha, Aicha look at me,
Aicha Aicha look at me
Aicha don't go away
Aicha, Aicha talk to me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paradigm of Misery

I just got a new title... Paradigm of Misery... i like this one... its like grande.... big big you know... just got a new mouse... it not have blinking lights, just a blue middle button, not that good...

It rained a little today... missed it, I only knew after I was the wet roads... and by the looks of it, it was a really pleasant rain, the light drizzle type, when it dose not rain too must, but just enough to brighten the plants...

finished over-lord again, i did not anything better to do, the calculations were spinning my head, so i though to play a game... that the one that was there, i think my cousin was trying to end it, oh well, all is well that ends well, no!!!

need a new graphics card and I need to find a good tuition center for ACCA, can't self study this... its not that I can't, its just that I no longer have the motivation or the strength to do that, I need something to fall back on, something to blame it all on, it took a lot of effort and a lot of sinning to get rid of the plaguing depression... I never understood why it happens, but now I do, depression is unused potential, the motivation that we gather up, if its not used it goes stale and becomes depression... well that the hell, the worlds gonna end any way... I just hope it ends real quick cause m bored. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

I passed

I passed... *_*... : ) : )

The One-Eyed Man... yea him... you know

I just dont get it, why wont he leave us pathetic people alone... he plots against us.. he helps others against us... why.... why... why us???? why does he hate us with his one-eye.... [that's what goes on in most of the revolutionary minds around here]

NewsFLASH: he doesn't give a damn, he got better things to do than to worry about a pathetic people...

I want to watch a new movie, but the torrent is like dead... tomorrow is my paper, hope I pass this one.... back to the one-eyed dude... just one thing... has any fuckhead ever seen him, no na! then stop bitching and get back to work, he'll come for you when he has time...

I found this really freaky blog, it was filled with mathematical crypts and ciphers and stuff, and it was dedicated to exposing the illuminate... I mean seriously... if they are that smart why would they even appear in front of idiots like us...

Zaraki is stuck in heuco mondo, and tensa zengetsu and the hollow are actually one, how awesome is that... plus I really like that zanpaktu, the dream catcher, it makes games into reality, thats how he killer the primera...

And people, back off, give the one-eyed guy some break, and another things.. bloodlines don't matter....

I took 8 pills sleeping ones and woke up in 2 hrs... WTF

On a different note, the sky is again beautifully red, red like crimson snow... its breathtaking

Monday, July 12, 2010

Its Falling Apart

No really it is, even though I have a steady supply of income and stuff, still my life is just falling around, even the antidepression medication just makes me sleepy, in fact it has been making me a bit too sleepy... But still I don't think that i will be able to make it without them...

The damn thing is still stuck on quarter... why cant a just lose it totally for once...!!! :'( :) :) :'( :) :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exploding heads

For the past couple of days I was feeling really really really depressed, and I didn't even want to feel depressed... it just was their and it was ruining everything... and I mean everything... the social life and personal life, even the intrapersonal life... it was all seriously fucked up... even the rain felt like punishment

The I took a couple of antidepressants... its all cool now... who knew those things really worked.. No i didn't overdose, just 2 0.5mg pills... though they made me sleepy but the world was a better place to live in ... its been raining since morning

I intentionally delayed the submission of a project... it was due to the client around 4 in the morning.... I mailed it around 7... I like myself... and yea this pill has not changed my mind just calmed it...

Monday, July 5, 2010

It rained it rained

it jut rained awesome.... n something something... dnt feel like describing it.. outside is more fun...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

the thing is... their both different

And they really are... trace and rock... you cant compare them, they got different feels and both serve completely different purposes... its like comparing an awesome doodh pati with a darn good coffee, people both are different... they are made differently and both serve different purposes...

damn the net it keeps dying...

so.. i was saying... rock and trace don't mix... two prove my point we will consider the example of ummm... marilyn manson (call the guy what ever you want... but he is a rocker) and then consider yarvin... but what the hell... so... someone blew up data darbar... I really still don't get the point... I mean how can you compare three websites made for different purposes and elaborate the differences... and why arn't there any TV shows about commerce people, doctors engineers hell even lawyers have shows... But the point is trace and rock are different things... you cant compare them... each has its own place...

and this is how you freelance or this is how I do it... its very easy you just have to ramble about unusual things and the old nightwish singer, vanja... she had a voice... i couldnt prove a point if my life depended on it... look at music from a relative angle rather than a retrospective or someotherspective angle... it will make sense...

I blame CA for this state of mind... no seriously... i was studying sales tax... i just don't get the point of it... this post i mean... i mean i read this blog and its a narrative, a clear cheery narrative.. and theres this other blog its like a story... this is gonna be the longest post ever... m just bidding time I gota start work at 11 and race towards the finish before 12... ever noticed how lifes like a rat race... we all race towards the end hoping to get a big slice of cheese but end up getting diced open as the healthiest specimen..

Thus, it can be observed from the evidence present that the evident conclusion is that the different genres of music are meant for different purposes... trace and rock are different..

PS: trust me when I tell you its better to do your work yourself, this is how all freelancers write... the tedious pain staking research that we do is actually scurrying about the internet for some smuck's essay that is altered in length and tone and presented to people as our hard work...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Men are Abused

Men are abused by women... yaaay... the gora lord has done it again... another idiotic theory that is against supported by countless facts and figures and theories... WTF... I worked for two days to prove it aswell... I am proud that I can lie, other wise this line of work wouldnt have been easy.

Heard Desire by Schiller, can't understand a word but still the words are the sweetest part of the song... trance rules...