Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exploding heads

For the past couple of days I was feeling really really really depressed, and I didn't even want to feel depressed... it just was their and it was ruining everything... and I mean everything... the social life and personal life, even the intrapersonal life... it was all seriously fucked up... even the rain felt like punishment

The I took a couple of antidepressants... its all cool now... who knew those things really worked.. No i didn't overdose, just 2 0.5mg pills... though they made me sleepy but the world was a better place to live in ... its been raining since morning

I intentionally delayed the submission of a project... it was due to the client around 4 in the morning.... I mailed it around 7... I like myself... and yea this pill has not changed my mind just calmed it...

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