Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slacker Nation

I got a class in like 40 minutes, I am all ready to go but I don't feel like going cause its raining. None of my friends are going to their classes, hell not even the ones with jobs went... Everyone is slacking off... just cause of the rain...

I'd like to ask our neighbors, do you guys slack off went it rains? by neighbors I mean Indians, not afghanis cause... well its a desert, and I'm assuming people from Iran don't, even accidentally visit by blog... The Bengalis dont slack in rain, I got quite a few friends who are Bengalis and they dont slack.  in rain...

So, I repeat my question, for clarity out of the clutter... Does any other nation slack off like us?

1 comment:

Divaa Divine said...

they do slack :) dont worry at all :)

and by the way the rains were awesome - and i skipped work ;) so you dont feel too guilty abt it