Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Indomitably Asleep

Sleep is a bliss, like the ignorant little kiss...
although ignorance i adore, this sleep is what i abhor...
the sea washes over the shore, and sleep in its grasp...
the sand seems to lure, the visitors to sleep...
the will then fades in, to the everlasting fade...
the sands are abound, plenty to go around...
all i ask is this, to stay awake without a miss...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Deadline for a Timeline

I told a friend about my plan to burn down the damn world, and he just said one thing, "your forgetting you'll burn with it". This just goes to show that people no longer give a damn about this place... if a believed the ancient pagan myths then I would have gladly said that the creator god forsook this piece of trash land and left for a better place, but fortunately/unfortunately, I can't say that since it will amount to heresy and what not. In short just another reason for the nation to fun at someone else's expense, so bloody typical of our nation. Just finished writing a long essay on the democracy in Iraq, personally I freaking hate democracy, all sorts of idiots get to make decisions... this ain't not good, in no way this good is. But for the Arabs, out of love and affection I wholeheartedly support  the notion of a democratic nation, long have they lived in a suppressed tyrannical regime, its time there Muslim brethren mobilized to present enlightenment to our Arab brothers...

I feel stuck up, I used to care about important things, now all I care about is creating a counter-revolution, and having fun and for good reasons too, its much much much more fun than an ordinary revolution, the counter-revolution thing... there's no blood gore and R-rated violence just a bunch of psychotically confused people who can't understand whether they are possessed or schizophrenic or just plain confused.

Now I gotta do a paper on time of crime and legislation, and that too in just 2 hours, and its a 1400 word long project, I just don't feel like it... then there's no ice-cream left... I just want to sleep... honestly


I just finished rewatching undisputed 3... freaking awesome movie I tell you, just plain sweet... all the freaking misery about the this and the that... right now I don't give a damn about it... for some freaking reason watching movies sometimes really does kill the depression and the sadness...

I thought like I'd write about the current happenings and shit, but then it occurred to me, I don't really do what I tell others to do in these times, have fun and wait.. this does not imply squandering money on useless items... make the best of what you got... on a related note, the whole nation is depressed about the match fixing thing, does anybody give a fuck about the ground zero mosque issue, I for one think that mosque was purposely designed to present Islam as an insensitive religion... but then again, this was suppose to be about the current affairs.... But

Undisputed 3 is awesome, the fights almost seem real... Why don't they make more movies like that? and someone answer this is you have seen undisputed 3, was the blood real? 'cause it sure looked real.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nostalgically Depressed

You know, one of those times when you just can't get whats wrong... its one of those days, I think.... something is off, what I can't understand... It may be cause the class got canceled, or something... either way its depressing and boring... plus its freaking hot here...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Iqbal V Rumi

I just got my hands on a book that is a collection of translations of Rumi's verses. All of these verses focus on one thing, Islam and obedience... Reading the preface, it came to my understanding that the west regards Rumi's as the poet of the East, and I was like, "what about IQBAL?????". Don't we regard him as the poet of the east. After doing some research another thing came to my understanding, like all things blown out of proportion to create the indian musalman's identity, Iqbal too was blown out of proportion, except for Pakistan, no other eastern nation takes him as their poet... Rumi of the other, almost every nation is willing to take him in... sadly for them, Rumi is a stateless poet... But coming back to Iqbal, its not that hes not a good poet, its just that... as I remember Iqbal is patronizing, its like your either this or nothing, be a muslaman or nothing, the earth moves or nothing and stuff like that... thinking of contemporary poets, Ghalib is the guy, he rebelled from the social norms, and he showed the critical thinker spirit, which I didn't find in Iqbal... I read both of their works... and honestly, Iqbal was a guy who walked in style that path walked many times, contrary to that, Ghalid went on a completely different path, and walked in his own style, not even a hint of thought to the world...

Coming Back to Rumi, the first thing that I saw was the reverence to God, it was there, even when the poem was about the rose bud, it was there, and then there was awe for his teacher Maulana Shams Tabraiz... now that is a guy who can be read... and please please all you patriots please, don't endorse Rumi, I beg you... thats another reason why I did write much about his work, the first is that I have not finished reading the book... M thinking, when I get time, I'll learn Persian and read the Masna'vi in its actual form...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dreaded Lore

The stories we all have heard, of knights and kings and knaves that be... The demons that be, the angels that fall... the glamor in it all, the death that be.... look how it keeps to itself, death even knows it business is not here... this is bad kill, itself it will... lets sit and watch and wait... in the mean vile let me tell you a story...
see, it all started with a rebellious idea.. one that they could not plant, they failed they did... so, they chose one of their own to plant the idea in them... now they had invaded them, took the lands... they did not like it, so they decided to fight... what they forgot was the fact that the land was what gave them and them strength... so now they had no strength... as they fought, those fools... he watched and he watched and they both watched from afar... until, he said... lets play a game you go to them and i'll go to them...

the rest i'll tell you later, right now I hear some died again, something about rain... its all in vain, but the rest i'll tell you later..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Knock me Out

The world looks mad when you look at it mad,
The world looks sad when you look at it sad,
It looks in happy when your in pain
Its in pain when your happy,

Living for it, nothing becomes of me,
Wasted, I did, parts of my life for it,
The world at peace it the worst to see
It is not nature, the world in order,

Shadows, now i see them coming,
Insanity take me, I plead you,
this word as it is, feels dead
that from where you come is alive.

I have been waiting, for the darkness
what we see now is but a twilight,
for what i heard from elders was true darkness
its onset I await, then it will be
the madness in me, free forever.

The world looks mad when you look at it mad,
The world looks sad when you look at it sad,
It looks in happy when your in pain
Its in pain when your happy,
that is why I hate it so.


Sometimes, in order to start a revolution, the people need blood. Not of some innocent person who is minding his/her own business, rather the blood needs to be of a lying cheating lynching SOB who is a from among the people... It was the same thing in Palestine, in Bosnia, in Chechnya, Sarajevo and all the other places, when the Indian subcontinent, when the blood of people from the actual nation starts spilling, then and only then will a revolution set in... floods, earthquakes, innocent deaths... this is not doing to wake up our nation, what needs to be done is bring some whore-born-motherfucking-bastards on to the streets and torture them and then leave them to be eaten by the pigs and the vultures, this will wake our people, then they'll start worrying about their high arses and do something... until then, kill all the innocents, nothing is gonna change cause those people were abject outsiders, no more part of nation them the pious people of the time when Saladin held Jerusalem.

And know how I know its time for blood, well there is this ancient eastern wisdom that when the land is thirsty, it will draw blood to quench it...... on the bright side... the fasts are going good, no!?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Change Again

See, I had to change my link... I changed the last one cause it was nonsensical  and a lie at least, the last one was good and true, but since it was ancient Latin, someone used the current syntax and made an identical site, just without posts and all... to I changed the address to my blog one again... Didn't see much happen today, was stuck indoors mostly.. first in the class and then at an iftar dinner...

Looking at our country and nation and city and race, nothing has changed... we are still acting like bastards, on top of that some guys were killed and the media is showing it again and again and again, senselessly, people with chronic depression giving a rats ass about the country will commit suicide... plus our government is at it again, misquoting the figures to get more loans and to top it off, the donation collecting idiots are citing the religious scriptures in incomplete contexts... so yea, nothings changed... Good luck living life...

Friday, August 20, 2010


The all-devouring serpent, the eternal dragon...  its just like being a step away, feeling it breathe in the face, on the edge of sanity... just an ordinary man, it was just another day... there ain't no hero to save us... learn to fight today to live another day... need all the prayers you can give... it dies now it lives... just stab it in the head, watch out for its tail... there ain't no one save me, I am just an ordinary man... stand up, if you believe in it... the eternal dragon breaths the mortal fire, its just another one, just another.... speak up my mind today, lets see if a live to see today, its just another kill... the eternal dragon, its like being a step away, on the edge of sanity, we are in the bottom alright... whose gonna make a change, whose gonna make it right... its just insane...

See what randomness does... It unusually calm today, this ain't not a boring city, something's cooking........ can't you smell it...?????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Auburn Sky

Picture Courtesy Sundus
"it was red, blue, gray, and a hint of golden and empty all at once"

A little bit of rain, a little bit of pain,
the crimson snow falls, and its all anew,
The sky fills with blue
now it fills with red and then gray,
And a hint of gold to show,
it all now spreads in the Auburn Sky

See it pretty, all the sounds around,
the little things play, in the murk all around
Watch as we stand, the world will change,
the little things play, in the dirt all around,
Play with fire, as I do now, the world will change

A little bit of rain, a little bit of pain,
the crimson snow falls, and its all anew,
The sky fills with blue
now it fills with red and then gray,
And a hint of gold to show,
it all now spreads in the Auburn Sky

Hear the noise, the toil all around,
they work they do, to change it all they do
It has fallen now, wait for the rain to fall,
they work they do, to rearrange it all they do,
Bear with it all,wait for the rain to fall

Play with fire, as I do now
Bear with it all, 
wait for the rain to fall
the world will change

A little bit of rain, a little bit of pain,
the crimson snow falls, and its all anew,
The sky fills with blue
now it fills with red and then gray,
And a hint of gold to show,
it all now spreads in the Auburn Sky

I'd give part of eternity to see the sky like that again...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fever and Fast

During a fast, my mind shuts down.. I can only perform predetermined tasks... and even those only one at a time, like in class I can either only think of answering the questions or hearing and understanding the lecture, can't do both. Same for every other task, its only after iftar that I can really think... But now the fever impaired even that. I spent the whole day sleeping, did not do a shred of productive work, I worked as usual, but I don't count this one as productive since I just copied it from somewhereIdontevenremember, cited it and then mailed it 5 minutes into iftar time... my eyes are burning, and for some reason the darkness outside seems inviting....

the sky was beautiful during the rain, it was red, blue, gray, and a hint of golden and empty all at once.. A friend has a picture, sadly, I don't have republication rights, asked for permission, lets see... if I get permission, I write emoish, gothistic, stanictic verses to go with it...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indifference and Me

What is the first thing that you hear on 14th August... On dot 12...... no, its not the national anthem... no, its not the prayer... no, not that... that ain't it either... keep guessing... and when your exhausted of all the noble answers read on...

The first that I heard was *dhuz *dhuz *dhuz (x4) followed by *tha *tha (x7 quickly) and then some bike engines... the first though that crossed my mind was that someone finally robbed the damn banks... but then I realized something... its 14th august... yaaaaayyyyyyy... As much as love to see the kids celebrating and the works, I freakin hate it when adults celebrate... god damn you, go fuck yourselves in those hell holes you call your homes... seriously... what the hell is wrong with people, let the kids enjoy... why do these jackasses have to celebrate... even so, if you have to celebrate why do you fucks have to go out shooting and stuff... itna shouk hai to koi mili naghma parlo ya dua karlo %#^&@%@#... If we pour in the money used to purchase the ammunition for these celebrations, I bet we could build a whole freaking dam or at least a barrage... and this is why I feel indifferent on independence day

*tha *tha *tha (x3), followed by a *dhuz(x6 this time quickly)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mitte der Nacht

In the middle of the night, when the darkness binds and sounds' a fright ... I just remembered... The bliss returned, the fog now lifted. A hundred leagues is what must be seen, no less, may be more... see you the eye, now I see the truth for what it is, now I know what I was meant for... Hide it hide, it is necessary, no one must know what it is for... why is it there, that be its purpose, to set things right that way it should be... not the way man made it.. no, no, did I tell you its purpose, yes!!!???!!!! no, naaan, nada, nae, i didn't... that was close I almost did... see somethings must never change, and somethings must never be told... first things first, put this place in order, its a mess trashed, get to fixing... then it does the ahead... you see, no you don't... but if you do, its there... the binding darkness, the frightening sounds; all in the middle of the flying night

Happi happi, I got my mad back... hahahahaahha... finally a purpose again... see sanity clouds a sight, that's why I like the maddening... its lets you see...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Empty Void

The thing is I just came back from my grand mother's death anniversary. But it wasn't sad, there was the usual routine recitation, but it wasn't sad. See, when you are too close to violence, even things that matter seem trivial... Life itself becomes a multitude of violence, all in a sequence, choreographed one after the other in a systematic manner. To see the purpose of things its good to distance one's self from all the mayhem for a while, so that once the fatigue ends that person an reenter the field and may be even turn the tables. Once in a while everyone should take a break, don't be selfish but still... make sometime to see your own reflection. This empty void of a life will seem fulfilled, meaningful... but you see, success isn't when you find destiny, you will always find destiny... success is when destiny finds you, and you embrace it

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bliss Begone

For no apparent reason, I am feeling more level headed... more mature. I can see things more clearly. Then again, its may be cause I am feeling down again... Its not the rain, I love the rain, especially when it has thunder and lightening. Its not the country or the city, to be honest I don't give a rats ass about either... burn them, loot them whatever... Its my own responsibilities and financial losses that are depressing me. Seriously, this city is freaking costing me money, I cant work, nor can I capitalize on my expenditure... I hope someone interferes... Honestly I am done trying to work for the country, I am done waiting for the revolution, all of this is costing me my life...

I want my madness back, don't want a level head... This is exactly why I hate a level head... I need to get high... 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Get It Out

Tired, pathetic and seriously screwed over... this is how I feel right now.. just talked to a friend. His bike got snatched. My eyes are droopy, but I still gotta do some chores and then there is work as well, but I won't be able to do this one. Can't make heads or tail of it... Its seriously screwed over... Something about mobile marketing and stuff, I am an accountant, not a marketing guy, seriously, my head is banging... like BOOM BOOM BBBOOOOM tic tic tic BOOM BOOM BOOOMM.. and the pattern keeps repeating... Ouch... Need pain meds, badly...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Smells like teen spirit...

frnd: kuch zaida he kharab hogaen hain halaat
me: wouldn't know... on fb

frnd: petrol pumps jala diea
me: vr dey urs

frnd: more dan 30 cars burned
me: tmhari tu bachi hoi haina

frnd: our president is in europe, geo news is depressing... and the power jst went
me: welcome to pakistan, w8... ur already here.... wtf, welcome to hell

frnd: plane cash, flood and then target killing, all with pakistan tagged, hw does this sound
me: i like ice-cream

frnd: 3 things in 1 week
me: w8, let me get some pakola, its happi happi

frnd: hearing ambulances
me: hearing songs

frnd: mix dat wid the ice-cream
me: ate the ice-cream, want da drink

frnd: its a one night stand
me: hes a whore

frnd: *sigh*
me: wat the hell were v talking about b4 this....
me: lets get away, i'll fall for her too
frnd: i hear voices in my head...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ice Cream

So the thing with us karachi-walay is that we become conditioned easily... people might say we have a hardy nation and other such bull shitty stuff but the fact... we just make it a habbit... people burned alive, ok no problem... murder death vadalism, you name it... we are already used to it...

On that note, I would like to add that the city is in chaos, there are reports of firing and people being killed, and vehicles being burned along with people and here I am eating ice-cream... you know why??? its because m a karachiite

Call me inhumane or what ever, but the fact is that I am a karachi-wala... and its all a routine for us


Outlandish has got be among one of the best bands i ever heard...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wet Socket

I had been disconnected for a whole day cause my PTCL line died... WTF. What if I was an important business man or a big shot politician who decided the fate of this God forsaken land... ???!!!??? hm, what then... my business would have been ruined and our beloved Godforsaken land would have entered hell... These people must understand the responsibility that they bear as the nations only landline telephone service, its not like we have tens of companies catering to us.... awww fuckin great... the real player hanged.... fuck that... these people are all so irresponsible... no wonder the worlds gone to the dogs... Viva la Vida is the only good song in Viva la Vida