Monday, August 23, 2010


Sometimes, in order to start a revolution, the people need blood. Not of some innocent person who is minding his/her own business, rather the blood needs to be of a lying cheating lynching SOB who is a from among the people... It was the same thing in Palestine, in Bosnia, in Chechnya, Sarajevo and all the other places, when the Indian subcontinent, when the blood of people from the actual nation starts spilling, then and only then will a revolution set in... floods, earthquakes, innocent deaths... this is not doing to wake up our nation, what needs to be done is bring some whore-born-motherfucking-bastards on to the streets and torture them and then leave them to be eaten by the pigs and the vultures, this will wake our people, then they'll start worrying about their high arses and do something... until then, kill all the innocents, nothing is gonna change cause those people were abject outsiders, no more part of nation them the pious people of the time when Saladin held Jerusalem.

And know how I know its time for blood, well there is this ancient eastern wisdom that when the land is thirsty, it will draw blood to quench it...... on the bright side... the fasts are going good, no!?!

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