Monday, August 30, 2010

Deadline for a Timeline

I told a friend about my plan to burn down the damn world, and he just said one thing, "your forgetting you'll burn with it". This just goes to show that people no longer give a damn about this place... if a believed the ancient pagan myths then I would have gladly said that the creator god forsook this piece of trash land and left for a better place, but fortunately/unfortunately, I can't say that since it will amount to heresy and what not. In short just another reason for the nation to fun at someone else's expense, so bloody typical of our nation. Just finished writing a long essay on the democracy in Iraq, personally I freaking hate democracy, all sorts of idiots get to make decisions... this ain't not good, in no way this good is. But for the Arabs, out of love and affection I wholeheartedly support  the notion of a democratic nation, long have they lived in a suppressed tyrannical regime, its time there Muslim brethren mobilized to present enlightenment to our Arab brothers...

I feel stuck up, I used to care about important things, now all I care about is creating a counter-revolution, and having fun and for good reasons too, its much much much more fun than an ordinary revolution, the counter-revolution thing... there's no blood gore and R-rated violence just a bunch of psychotically confused people who can't understand whether they are possessed or schizophrenic or just plain confused.

Now I gotta do a paper on time of crime and legislation, and that too in just 2 hours, and its a 1400 word long project, I just don't feel like it... then there's no ice-cream left... I just want to sleep... honestly

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