Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dreaded Lore

The stories we all have heard, of knights and kings and knaves that be... The demons that be, the angels that fall... the glamor in it all, the death that be.... look how it keeps to itself, death even knows it business is not here... this is bad kill, itself it will... lets sit and watch and wait... in the mean vile let me tell you a story...
see, it all started with a rebellious idea.. one that they could not plant, they failed they did... so, they chose one of their own to plant the idea in them... now they had invaded them, took the lands... they did not like it, so they decided to fight... what they forgot was the fact that the land was what gave them and them strength... so now they had no strength... as they fought, those fools... he watched and he watched and they both watched from afar... until, he said... lets play a game you go to them and i'll go to them...

the rest i'll tell you later, right now I hear some died again, something about rain... its all in vain, but the rest i'll tell you later..

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