Monday, August 9, 2010

Empty Void

The thing is I just came back from my grand mother's death anniversary. But it wasn't sad, there was the usual routine recitation, but it wasn't sad. See, when you are too close to violence, even things that matter seem trivial... Life itself becomes a multitude of violence, all in a sequence, choreographed one after the other in a systematic manner. To see the purpose of things its good to distance one's self from all the mayhem for a while, so that once the fatigue ends that person an reenter the field and may be even turn the tables. Once in a while everyone should take a break, don't be selfish but still... make sometime to see your own reflection. This empty void of a life will seem fulfilled, meaningful... but you see, success isn't when you find destiny, you will always find destiny... success is when destiny finds you, and you embrace it

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Salman! said...

Loved the word, Destiny finds you, now i leave :D