Friday, August 6, 2010

Get It Out

Tired, pathetic and seriously screwed over... this is how I feel right now.. just talked to a friend. His bike got snatched. My eyes are droopy, but I still gotta do some chores and then there is work as well, but I won't be able to do this one. Can't make heads or tail of it... Its seriously screwed over... Something about mobile marketing and stuff, I am an accountant, not a marketing guy, seriously, my head is banging... like BOOM BOOM BBBOOOOM tic tic tic BOOM BOOM BOOOMM.. and the pattern keeps repeating... Ouch... Need pain meds, badly...


Divaa Divine said...

There is much you can do to make it better. And when you're sick and tired of feeling the pressure, then you're highly motivated to take positive action.

Instead of complaining about how bad it is, envision how good it can be. Then get busy bringing that vision to life.

Take the initial step, and suddenly you've changed the whole dynamic. What was a problem begins to become an opportunity.

When life gets tough, take that toughness and make it your own. Then make something beautiful and positive out of it.

Sorry to add to your frustration if I did!

quartertoinsane said...

thnkx for the advice, again... this one is actually easier to do, i'll do it nw