Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Smells like teen spirit...

frnd: kuch zaida he kharab hogaen hain halaat
me: wouldn't know... on fb

frnd: petrol pumps jala diea
me: vr dey urs

frnd: more dan 30 cars burned
me: tmhari tu bachi hoi haina

frnd: our president is in europe, geo news is depressing... and the power jst went
me: welcome to pakistan, w8... ur already here.... wtf, welcome to hell

frnd: plane cash, flood and then target killing, all with pakistan tagged, hw does this sound
me: i like ice-cream

frnd: 3 things in 1 week
me: w8, let me get some pakola, its happi happi

frnd: hearing ambulances
me: hearing songs

frnd: mix dat wid the ice-cream
me: ate the ice-cream, want da drink

frnd: its a one night stand
me: hes a whore

frnd: *sigh*
me: wat the hell were v talking about b4 this....
me: lets get away, i'll fall for her too
frnd: i hear voices in my head...

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