Monday, August 30, 2010


I just finished rewatching undisputed 3... freaking awesome movie I tell you, just plain sweet... all the freaking misery about the this and the that... right now I don't give a damn about it... for some freaking reason watching movies sometimes really does kill the depression and the sadness...

I thought like I'd write about the current happenings and shit, but then it occurred to me, I don't really do what I tell others to do in these times, have fun and wait.. this does not imply squandering money on useless items... make the best of what you got... on a related note, the whole nation is depressed about the match fixing thing, does anybody give a fuck about the ground zero mosque issue, I for one think that mosque was purposely designed to present Islam as an insensitive religion... but then again, this was suppose to be about the current affairs.... But

Undisputed 3 is awesome, the fights almost seem real... Why don't they make more movies like that? and someone answer this is you have seen undisputed 3, was the blood real? 'cause it sure looked real.

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