Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Bitter End

The floods had barely ended the quake came.... now its another then another... this is really really turning into a tragic little story, but you know, I am sensing reluctance on part of nature... it should finish it off already... even I'm tired writing about it... it so.. ohhh well... got an annual dinner coming, hopefully I'll be able to squirm my way out of it... its.. well I be just tired of those dinners, laughing people, no sense of time, and in the end they forget they don't have any purpose either... I just realized that a few months ago... I be one of em back then, planning, directing, producing, snipping funds to have some fun... but its all just there, its not anywhere else... I am tired of even waiting for the bitter end... its become so mundane and boring.... sheeeesh... dull life...