Friday, September 3, 2010

Irony or Dilemma

I got this assignment. It was an analysis about a South Asian country, my persuasive boss got the client to choose Pakistan as the country of choice. I sat down writing the paper and after mailing it, sat down reading it. it turned out to be a criticism of Pakistan more so.

It concluded with, " The natural wealth of the country along with the geographical and topological diversity of the country is only rivaled by that of India, with a slight mix of almost every ecological climate. From harsh burning deserts to freezing mountains tops and killer mountains, the country has a wealth of untapped natural resources. The only weakness in the country lies in the mentality of the people who are unwilling to accept their flaws, and would rather blame their miseries on the messiah, god and all his departed creations along with hitler, leo tolstoy, britney spears and miley cirus"

It was a criticism no more a report than... I miss the turbulent times... Oooo, oooo I forgot, after a very very very long time, after almost a few eons I came home after 2... I was freaking tired and it was fun, awesomely fun... and that girl in deuces is nice, but why don't get to see em type in real thats what intrigues me... irony or dilemma?

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