Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sailor of Pain

I pursued satanism, then free masons and finally the Illuminati... I've given up on the illuminate after forming some theories about their numbers and their existence... the free masons and the satanists I found a plenty, even in this so called Islamic republic.. many famous people were both, masons and satanists... Occam's Razor is the most useful thing when your looking for foolish things and meaningless things... in the midst of all the work that I put into these findings and theoricizing, one thing i came to notice, the most calm periods in our country's history were under their regime... the masons and the satanists... that the maulvis and the good politicians couldn't do these evil people did it, they brought prosperity to god forsaken people... in essence that makes these evil and those guys good... oddly enough though, write after the appearance of Zia these people began to vanish off the scene, now zia wasn't a mardemomin that he purported to be, so he must have been a greater evil who succeeded in scaring these little ones off, yea thats what happened... he scared these guys off... and for the record the Illuminati don't give a shit about this world, just think of them as stoned hippi sages, their happy where they are, they don't interfere in silly disputes for oil and they don't plot no wifey's murder... they got better things to worry about...

mental note [visit buildings in old Karachi, they must some clue about their next coming...]

PS: Visit the building in the park near arts council or the cowasjee house, which ever suits your fancy... their interesting...

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