Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things to did/do on Eid

          Goals                                        Status

Go for eid prayer                                      X
Drink sheer khorma                                  X
visit relatives                                             X
Die of boredom after visiting relatives        X
Avoid Facebook                                       -
Collect Eidi                                               -
Spend Day with Family                             X
Start studying on day two                          -
Attend class of day three                           -
Give eidi to nieces and nephews.               -
Start creative work.                                  -
Waste Time                                              X
Get a new phone                                       -
Get a new GF                                           -
Get something                                           -
Hang Out                                                  -
Avoid the TV                                            -
Avoid the PC                                            -
Go out in Rain                                           X
Frame cousin for something                       X

- means not achieved/or wasn't in the mood for it
X means achieved

So all in all I wasted this beautiful eid, it was fun no doubt, but I could have made it better... I blame the government and whoeveriswillingtotaketheblame...

On a serious note, after resuming my studies on a serious note after 2 years, I seriously need to study

PS: the alignment of the above table is proof... things shouldnt go as planed, its more fun


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