Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

I think Hellboy's tooth fairies were much cooler than what we have, I mean why pay for a piece of bone you can just gobble up, you know go nom nom nom ahhhhhh... I've been paying visits to the dentists lately, she's cute but that has nothing to do with the visits, I got to get an extraction done, mere aqal darh mein kera lag gaya hai... can't do root canal there and its too late for a filling hence an extraction... however, my first visit I discover that my other tooths - their all 3rd morals(aqal darhs) hence calling them teeth is an insult - are filled with cavities as well... so... yea, you get the picture... anyway.... yesterday my dentist advised me to get braces... not for cosmetic reasons, thats why I didn't get them the last time, but now... it seems... that the cosmetic reason has manifested in to a medical reason... you know constant pain in the teeth, turns out, my molars are rubbing against each other and in a few years, my canines will turn to powdered dust - or at least they'll crack to bits - if nothing is done... they already acquired a pointed edge like vampires...Me being me, M stuck in a dilemma... what to do... there is a 30% chance i'll lose my vampire like teeth...

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