Monday, November 29, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shape Shift and Trick. The Past

Reminiscent about the past, the time when friends meant friends and even the sour was sweet; that is what I want to remember, but I can't... It's simply that I cahen't remember the past, my past. The time, that time, I just can't remember it... its like a blank slate, nothing written on it, even remotely... life it seems, did not exist before the world began to end... and once it did, the thoughts are clear, the memories all here... this is strange...
I realized with when I was talking to a friend... a song actually brought this up... the friend pointed out that this is nostalgic, and it got me thinking, whats nostalgic for me... and well, all the time when I said I was nostalgic in the past, I was not really nostalgic, simply remembering something from the recent past... The feeling...
Simply said, I can make up my past in to whatever I want... nothing there, they are just images, snaps... blanks waiting to filled, events that need stories.... I think I can be whoever I want in my memories... but then, whats the use of pretending to be someone else... confusing... i think I'll improvise, make a story right there and then...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getnik or Gietnak

In the withered world, so far
What I see is the dead now dying,
Their lives forgotten, their souls now rotten.
Their hopes washed ashore,
Broken down, who to adore...
The lying faces, their scheming minds.

Do you think that in this light the world will fight,
I mean honestly c'mon its just a game of might,
All that it will take to win a fight is a little fright
Strength no more, all who adore, lost faith,

And it started raining,
In the world that was draining,
Their fighting words, the lying hands,
They are crying cold, their hands wrought gold.
The keys then cling, and the silver watch ring
Life went by, and on a little lie...

getnik or gietnak, verily lie lay,
Now its time for you to say...
Bye bye little doll, made with clay..
Play with fire, play with clay...
Whatever you do you cannot delay...

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Warm Winter Nights

Winter isn't cold any more... like other things I could have blamed it all on the fact that now with age I am becoming more and more dull, but that dosen't explain the fact that I do not feel cold. you know what is the most disturbing part, I have a cold and soar throat, but still its not cold... why why why...

oi hoi... killed a bloody dengue wala machar... aww... nai koi common ki species hai... lets see what else is new... nothing really... remember the result before eid I mentioned, well most of my friends are now planning of running away from pakistan after that, it was that scary...

there ain't any inspiration to write a good post, its not cold... why isn't it cold....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Expectedly Unexpected like Expected

Sadness is a virtue of human life, being sad means that one is making progress in life... living it day by day, piece by piece... so yea, f*** you... and you, not you and you...

C'mon yaar its suppose to be cold already, and the only place cool right now is the fridge... whaaaat is wrong with the world, well its also wrong it me... eid was boring as i had expected then sidelined and then sidelined the sideline, repeating the process a couple of times until a song swirled in my head. and then boom...

Yaar I am honestly sleepy, I gotta study for the papers or else I'll flunk again.. and then I gotta complete the projects I got, but before that I gotta finish how I met your mother and start with 2.5 men, the new season is good I hear... don't really feel like writing, its so sleepy... nice and sleepy....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


EID MUBARAK EVERYONE... have fun, and even if you can't pretend you do.......

Waiting For The World to End

Look, there, watch out, and think again
do what you do best, wait for it to end.
the machine, its gonna break,oil up again
ready to churn, that thing's going wrong....

The world is sad, and that is a fact
go crazy again, friend
the real goal here, again
waiting for the world to end....

see, don't look, things are just right
speeding down on the highway, life
its cruising by me, here right now,
turn yourself around, haze abound

look around, what do you see
the world is ending
goal achieved, now go again
find another ruse, while
waiting for the world to end

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mufta Mufta Mufta

Results due in a few days or may be today... hopefully today... God I wish someone passes, its been a while since someone in my gathering passed the bloody ICAP result, I left it for the same reason, but my friends are still there, I just need one to pass, then we'll go over an rob the poor soul dry... hmmm... yea that is as plain as it is, we'll simple rob him... hmmm... but it won't be easy, we'll have to cunningly trick him, most probably we will have to lay out a bait to lure him in to the prying hands of us... hmmm... on second though........ no NO, no second thoughts, its outright justice, the one who passes will be robbed the friends..., its the universal law, the course of nature...

On a more somber note, the world is ending, but hopefully we'll get to slaughter the lamb before that... yaaaayyyy... and ummm.. yea tea is almost done, I am not addicted just need a fix to pick me up, that be all...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pathetic. Depressing. And Utterly Regressive

That is the fucking state of our fucking nation, why don't we all go extinct just now... make room for productive races...

Proud I am

I am so proud of myself... I setup a home network all by my self without any help, from anyone... yyaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chop Chop Dilemma

Its just plain old confusion, but calling it a dilemma makes its sounds important like... the confusion is simple, I can either spend the EID watching TV, probably catch up on some sitcoms... or I can go out and have fun, see people goof up, make fun of/with friends, etc etc... hmmm... i'll toss a coin later... lately I don't feel like writing, even when I want to I can't think of writing... another issue... and I think I cured my touchpad's sensitivity issue, but hey you never know... and then there is the issue of shopping, and then there is study... so many dilemmas and such a little life... aeee... and there is that book about nationalism from the lending library... damn, its all messed up...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


That is what I am at the moment... empty, nothing coming in to my mind... its empty like blank... *just staring at my own reflection...

Friday, November 5, 2010


I got me self a laptop.. yaaaayyyyyy... now I just gotta customize it to my liking, the data is on a friends pc, i'll get it by tonight... my desktop burned, it out on warranty now... sad really... now I know saddar better than the back of my hand, I been there so many times now... It was fun though... back to work now, paper from december