Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getnik or Gietnak

In the withered world, so far
What I see is the dead now dying,
Their lives forgotten, their souls now rotten.
Their hopes washed ashore,
Broken down, who to adore...
The lying faces, their scheming minds.

Do you think that in this light the world will fight,
I mean honestly c'mon its just a game of might,
All that it will take to win a fight is a little fright
Strength no more, all who adore, lost faith,

And it started raining,
In the world that was draining,
Their fighting words, the lying hands,
They are crying cold, their hands wrought gold.
The keys then cling, and the silver watch ring
Life went by, and on a little lie...

getnik or gietnak, verily lie lay,
Now its time for you to say...
Bye bye little doll, made with clay..
Play with fire, play with clay...
Whatever you do you cannot delay...

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