Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waiting For The World to End

Look, there, watch out, and think again
do what you do best, wait for it to end.
the machine, its gonna break,oil up again
ready to churn, that thing's going wrong....

The world is sad, and that is a fact
go crazy again, friend
the real goal here, again
waiting for the world to end....

see, don't look, things are just right
speeding down on the highway, life
its cruising by me, here right now,
turn yourself around, haze abound

look around, what do you see
the world is ending
goal achieved, now go again
find another ruse, while
waiting for the world to end


*Dulce* said...

demented....and genius. What to say :)

Koo said...

It would be lovely if it ends :P

quartertoinsane said...

yea... it would be...

Sarah B. Haider said...

It was apparently deep in its meaning but the deeper I tried to drift, the shallower it became.

quartertoinsane said...

dnt try so hard... cling on to the little moments, da greater onez can wait...