Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thats the title of the new movie, I havn't seen it but I still like it and the reason is simple. I went out of my way to buy zabah khana, I was excited, but it didn't live up to my expectations. But I liked it. What was wrong with zabah khana, it borrowed to heavily from the western myth and over looked the south Asian traditions, which I assure will make edward cullen hide under his blanket any day or nite for that matter.... and I think the same thing will be wrong with Kolachi - too much western, while people call this pseudo film making, at least its making something, but seriously, couldn't they have borrowed from the Eastern myths, brought to life some awesome being like the dajjal and the hindu gods and some gods from kalash... that would have made it epic... whats with the meteorite yaar, its like a used up whore, only desperate people will fuck it... And why the hell is the movie in English, its for us for gods sake, put it in urdu or sindhi or punjabi or balochi or something, why why why why whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy english?

But anyway, at least some mishap befell Pakistan, and that is a relieving deviation from the norm where nothing happens to anyone paki in the movies... yayyyy Kolachi for the meteorite that destroyed Karachi and Pakistan

oh oh, and just to prove south asian or eastern legends are shit scary for that matter check out 'Anqah' or 'Jigar-khori'. I cant image what one looks like and other one is just scary because of what it does... and then there is a list of ghouls that frequent graveyards and empty grounds and plots of lands- and these are the ones who just like open land, no building mind you.


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