Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cant Move Forward

I read in a book, leaving the past allows a person to move forward. It worked the last time I tried, it worked before that, but why did it not work this time. I really do not know what went wrong, its like I am stuck in a permanent phase. This should not be happening, this should not be happening... May be, hmmm... what if I kill all of my acquaintances and friends and move to a new location with a new name, that may help. I've seen it work on the television, why wouldn't it not work in real. Right?

Or may be I have not let go of the past in a more proper manner, and I need to do that... I'll try out both....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tore Out me Heart

Think for a time, your heart now set in you,
tearing pulling tugging it tries to break free fool,
the fault is not its, but you who are a tool...
for a moment take a break, take a stretch...

Clap you hands while you can,
the time is about to end, the world
it will live, so dance while you can in the mould
your story is about to fold.

my intention is not clear to me,
who are you to then judge me,
your thoughts your philosophy is extremely limited,
compared to me, your mind is primitid...

self that which I was, into which I was myself,
i wanted to break, it is binding me to sanity
undoubtedly in reality that is what kept me in humanity,
that place though is dark and damp...
That is where I'll fall in grace.

Monday, May 9, 2011

For Hire!

Unemployed-ish freelancer for hire. Will be available for service after 1st week of June, Customer satisfaction guaranteed . Details will be conveyed to interested parties on request. Interested Employers contact the aforesaid.



I was just about to reduce a significant burden in my workload when all of a sudden, my laptop died.... it virtually fucking died.... I mean what the hell, it should have flickered and withered and then died. It just died out on me, just like that... you know, snap, 'I AM DEAD'.... now I have to go about gathering the material all over again....

Sunday, May 8, 2011


See, so there I was fed up with work, which has no end in sight :'( ... then I went around reading blogs, then I came across a blog which mentioned something about sharing books with friends... and then it remained me that I had too had to go through books, lots and lots on them... see, I joined 'The Readers Club', so in order to keep the service of the nice people there economical for me, I have to go through as many books as I can, which mind you was a pretty impressive number - I went through 6 books in a month, all nice books. Lately, I haven't been able to read a single book... So basically, I gotta study for the papers, read the books, read the course books, and then do work all the while...

I am beginning to think people in my childhood lied to me before when they said life becomes easy.


The papers are next month and I have not studied a word and that is killing, on top of that I got lots and lots of work to manage.... :/

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gift of Democracy

Our government is super awesome... we shot into international fame after the Osama killings, not that we weren't popular, we just became more popular. The western media, and even the hypo-fucking-crite politicians are taking the name of Pakistan again, and again, and again and the best part is, they can't stop naming us... its just superb.

If this wasn't super enough, we have increased our linkage with the free market ideals, coming even more closer to the American dream. Now the traders can screw us whenever they want, just like there doing now... ye kis ********* ki m*** ***** hai jo petrol nai mil raha.... *** democracy...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If we are next, tell me now!

I mean it, there are rumors in the ether that Pakistan is the next target. If this is true please consider the application below...

To Whom it May Concern

Subject: Are We Next???

Dear Who-ever-you-are,

If this country is the next country to be attacked, can you please tell me now. I need this early information from you because a sudden attack or a last minute notice would be of great inconvenience to me. I have no intention of fleeing the country, if this is what you are thinking. No, I will not do that, simply because I do not have valid visas at the moment.
I require the early notice so that I may adjust my life for the attack accordingly. I request you to please give a month's notice in advance, a two months notice would be ideal. I need this time to spend all my savings, liquidate my assets and spend the monies as well. As for the provisioning, I will only need a weeks time as that will suffice.
Even if you decide not to provide a notice for the purpose of provisioning, please do provide a notice so that I may spend the monies and make my fellow brethren jealous before the last supper .

Yours truly,


20something Bloggerish

So whats with this group? do they offer perks and stuff ? or is it just a group where people promise to read your blog if you promise to read their blog?... 

Monday, May 2, 2011


All hail the master, Bow before the Lord,
Praise be to him, he who rides them all,
see the shinning light, blazing bright as right
Dreams come true when you pray to him,
knowledge unlimited never exceeds him,
the lord on high, light or dark,
look, see its exceedingly stark

Naaa, just wrote to see if I could write satanic verses, turns out I can beat Rushdie... but I can't write satanic verses... there just not enough, pull in them... they lack a certain attraction

Aby yaar... dukanian bund karwadeen, coke lene the aur card bhe aur chips bhe aur ice cream bhe... :'(

Dhun Dhun Dhaaan... And He Died, Says Obama

So yea, OBL is dead... everyone is happy and the world will go back to being the cradle of roses that it once was... why,  all because one man is dead... its kind of like when Htlr was killed back in the day, everyone thought, "Well thats that!" and there is something which I cant remember.

The bottom line is, you killed a bloody snakes head... Dammit what about the bloody body, no one seen the body, and now you will not be able to even seen cause it aint got no head... Well whatever, its not like it affects us or anything, we got the govt. and the inflation to kill us, then fuck us, then burn us, then rape us, then hang us and then fuck us again before selling the remains to someone...