Monday, May 2, 2011

Dhun Dhun Dhaaan... And He Died, Says Obama

So yea, OBL is dead... everyone is happy and the world will go back to being the cradle of roses that it once was... why,  all because one man is dead... its kind of like when Htlr was killed back in the day, everyone thought, "Well thats that!" and there is something which I cant remember.

The bottom line is, you killed a bloody snakes head... Dammit what about the bloody body, no one seen the body, and now you will not be able to even seen cause it aint got no head... Well whatever, its not like it affects us or anything, we got the govt. and the inflation to kill us, then fuck us, then burn us, then rape us, then hang us and then fuck us again before selling the remains to someone...