Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If we are next, tell me now!

I mean it, there are rumors in the ether that Pakistan is the next target. If this is true please consider the application below...

To Whom it May Concern

Subject: Are We Next???

Dear Who-ever-you-are,

If this country is the next country to be attacked, can you please tell me now. I need this early information from you because a sudden attack or a last minute notice would be of great inconvenience to me. I have no intention of fleeing the country, if this is what you are thinking. No, I will not do that, simply because I do not have valid visas at the moment.
I require the early notice so that I may adjust my life for the attack accordingly. I request you to please give a month's notice in advance, a two months notice would be ideal. I need this time to spend all my savings, liquidate my assets and spend the monies as well. As for the provisioning, I will only need a weeks time as that will suffice.
Even if you decide not to provide a notice for the purpose of provisioning, please do provide a notice so that I may spend the monies and make my fellow brethren jealous before the last supper .

Yours truly,


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