Monday, May 16, 2011

Tore Out me Heart

Think for a time, your heart now set in you,
tearing pulling tugging it tries to break free fool,
the fault is not its, but you who are a tool...
for a moment take a break, take a stretch...

Clap you hands while you can,
the time is about to end, the world
it will live, so dance while you can in the mould
your story is about to fold.

my intention is not clear to me,
who are you to then judge me,
your thoughts your philosophy is extremely limited,
compared to me, your mind is primitid...

self that which I was, into which I was myself,
i wanted to break, it is binding me to sanity
undoubtedly in reality that is what kept me in humanity,
that place though is dark and damp...
That is where I'll fall in grace.

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