Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haiku IV

and there i was walking down the road
memories in hand and happy with my load
the butter melted...

Road Accident I

There I was... with the sun scorching above my head, the road giving way to the shadows of the clouds as they drifted above from the force of the gale. Me and my friend were cruising on the motorcycle... in a manner that is appropriate to cruising on a motorcycle, and to the extent to which cruising on a motorcycle is possible. Then we came to a place that was made with wide roads paved with fine stone, and no pot holes to disrupt the flow of traffic... there was also a roundabout which added to the beauty of the place. Therein that place the traffic was less and that was not in defense or clifton or any other such place where one might presume the traffic to be less... nay, that place was in saddar, the busiest place one can expect to be. As we came across this place, it dawned my mind the driver to not follow the rules and regulations set down by the authorities about roundabouts and follow the prevalent customs. In accordance with the customs, I cut the road straight... making quickly for the desired road rather going around the roundabout so as to save 2 seconds and precious fuel. While crossing, I was very careful to look both forward and to my right to ascertain whether any car was headed in our direction or not. But fate is a cruel mistress and as she would have it, a speeding vehicle (a suzuki highroof to be precise) came at as from the left. Luckily, my friend saw it and told me to apply the breaks and the it would have appeared that we were saved. But as fate had transpired, the motorcycle and the vehicle collided only to result in the exchange of a polite banter which was quickly broken was a donkey cart whose path was blocked by the vehicle. This is not the accident you see, for this just what happened physically, mentally is where the real accident happened. A part of my subconscious was bugging me with vain and useless thoughts and all the while there was a shadow on these thoughts. This loathsome part of my mind got hit by the vehicle instead of me I presume for it may have been thrown in the vehicles path when the brakes were applied and subsequently died a bloody death... It was there that I regained part of the time that I had lost and was able to regain a peace of mind... thus the accident saved my soul from the devil himself.

So is written the first in the line of the many chronicles that will be written here after about how my soul was saved from the devil. Each will be titled according to the event by which it occurred and in the order of there occurrence in the future.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Better, Kinda

My old laptop died, just like that... it overheated actually and the ICs burned *pooof* just like that, actually quicker.... either way, me being me, as stubborn as I am, I gots me self a new one, the old one is in repair still waiting for the ICs... this one is more better but the screen is smaller, its only 15"... not much use for movies now is it...

on a totally unrelated note, my cousin got awarded the president's medal or something like that, anyone know what that is?

on another totally unrelated note, a friend acted like a smart-ass and put my name in the list of people who'll go to the farm house...  what the L-man doesn't get is the fact that I am broke, except for my secret stash - which is for things completely unrelated to fun, like this laptop - which is being depleted by unknown sources.

I trying to catch up on my stumbling...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Watching them in Glee

Walking the rein of time, alone
The damnation takes over, known
The darkness resides, impervious
It still binds the self, in itself

Binding, tightening the soul begins to choke
Gasping, hope seems to lie in a piece of rope
Tightening, the nose begins to break
Unleashed, the darkness seems awake

Until the time it ran against time,
It wound itself back in the depths,
The self was now alone again,
This time, the pain to be its friend

They said love would set me free,
From the darkness that resides in me,

A lie they said to calm it down,
False hopes, now they must drown,

Walking all alone, my darkness and me,
Both are friends, both waiting to be free,
As they drown, the people be free,
My friend and I, we watch them in glee.


I am bored as hell after the my papers ended, and its not even been 48 hours... what the hell... what, is life not worth living anymore, there ain't no fun here... all the TV channels are showing video of the guy who got shot before that it was the killing, after that it will be the killings... whats wrong with the media, why can't they show something that is entertaining, but you know I blame the nation, people think death is fun, so the media shows them fun and entertainment. The end result, people like me get left out and have to think of ways to have fun... kiya yaar...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paper Khatam n Haiku III

Paper Khatam, Paper Khatam...

گرمیوں کی وھو رات تھی 
تنہا تنہا سی ایک بات تھی
پٹرول نہیں تھا. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baba Jee

Baba jee farmatay hain, 'us shaqs say katto, jis ki bachi bhe set ho aur bacha bhe'

Monday, June 6, 2011

Haiku II

Staying awake at night awry,
I look at the starry sky,
Oh, the hay is dry.

Saturday, June 4, 2011