Sunday, June 19, 2011

Better, Kinda

My old laptop died, just like that... it overheated actually and the ICs burned *pooof* just like that, actually quicker.... either way, me being me, as stubborn as I am, I gots me self a new one, the old one is in repair still waiting for the ICs... this one is more better but the screen is smaller, its only 15"... not much use for movies now is it...

on a totally unrelated note, my cousin got awarded the president's medal or something like that, anyone know what that is?

on another totally unrelated note, a friend acted like a smart-ass and put my name in the list of people who'll go to the farm house...  what the L-man doesn't get is the fact that I am broke, except for my secret stash - which is for things completely unrelated to fun, like this laptop - which is being depleted by unknown sources.

I trying to catch up on my stumbling...


The Blue Periwinkle said...

I dunno what presidents award is. :|
BUt on totally unrealated note, awesome blog.

Peachyyy said...

why can't laptops come with infinite battery already? Seriously Its 2011. Science should catch up.

quartertoinsane said...

@periwinkle: thnkx :D

@peach: i concur... completely