Friday, June 10, 2011

Watching them in Glee

Walking the rein of time, alone
The damnation takes over, known
The darkness resides, impervious
It still binds the self, in itself

Binding, tightening the soul begins to choke
Gasping, hope seems to lie in a piece of rope
Tightening, the nose begins to break
Unleashed, the darkness seems awake

Until the time it ran against time,
It wound itself back in the depths,
The self was now alone again,
This time, the pain to be its friend

They said love would set me free,
From the darkness that resides in me,

A lie they said to calm it down,
False hopes, now they must drown,

Walking all alone, my darkness and me,
Both are friends, both waiting to be free,
As they drown, the people be free,
My friend and I, we watch them in glee.

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