Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lite Bijli aur Gas

These are the three commodities that are missing from my home for the past... the time it rained here yaar... well they haven't been missing the whole while, but they have been missing the whole while I have been home. The day it rained I had come home for a chore and a friend had come over and the lite was out... now today I come home to get my register for the class, the gas is out... aur bijli tu hoti he nai, aese jaisay luck he out ho... seriously, I am thinking this has something to do with the incompetence of the government, not that I care about it but bhenchood its affecting me directly...

On the lighter side of life, met a friend who just came back from KSA... he was about to bring something special but due to the inflation he settled on bring dates and ZAMZAM. Also, yesterday I pissed off a friend... well not so much a friend as an acquaintance as he now refuses to acknowledge my existence, but alas, life goes on as usual... sad for you buddy, hope the sheiks bang you good in KSA - peace. 

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