Thursday, July 14, 2011

Utterly Useless

What happened in the city, I blame the government. The government should be strong enough to stop anything, and I mean anything in the humane sense of the term... so a drunk said something and the others responded, but the stand still was the fault of the government. Either way, its quite depressing to see whats underneath the surface of our so-called united nation.

On another plane of existence, I, at present, am like the government. Wherein the government devourers taxes, I devour what in my dad's pocket... and in an equally begharat style, like the government which refuses to work for the people who pay for their gourmet dinners, I too refuse to do any chore around the house.

You know those KESC jokes that have been doing the rounds lately in the SMS realm, a friend sent a technical, but funny reply to one. Also, nothing new actually its all quite boring with the same fighting and the killing and the burning and the whatnots...

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